Friday, February 5, 2010

Cereal Ad - Luxuriate yourself

Hey all,

This is the beginning of my cereal ad, the initial sketch.

This sketch's original idea was to create a cereal ad directed towards adults, after contemplating and trying to find the best audience to attract I came up with a woman in a tub idea, I used just regular sketching pencils for this idea.

The marker comp

After cleaning up the original sketch, I added some color to see what direction I should chose to take the image afterwards, I was fully content with the idea behind this ad, but was not completely happy with the results I was obtaining with sketches an marker renderings, so I began to think about photography as an option (with the help of leifs suggestions) I then moved on to create this ad in the digital atmosphere as a photoshop image.


Lastly my final... after taking many pictures with your basic everyday digital camera, I came to create this final cereal ad. I feel I captured the original idea which I was after... at first I was going to keep the scene around the tub completely blank so the message was very simple, but by adding actually elements which you would see in a bathroom made it a little more realistic, and in the end more appealing and interesting to look at

Thanks for checking this out!

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